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If Your Site Doesn't Engage or Convert Traffic...
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No matter what kind of site you are running if you don't engage your visitors and/or convert your visitors into sales you are in trouble.

The conventional way to do this is split testing many different variations, making small adjustments to your videos/headlines, changing themes, plugins, graphics and spending loads of money on traffic in the process.

With Millions of Competing 'Regular' Pages...
How Do You Really Stand Out?

With millions of new pages created every day it's getting harder to make your content stand out & grab the visitors attention. Studies have shown that unless we see something that catches our attention quickly, we simply press the back button

As a result of this, our landing pages are getting less traction, less optins & fewer sales which webmasters have to work a lot harder on making our sites stand out

'Regular' Split Testing Take Months...
...And Only Gets You So far

Many marketers waste a huge amount of time, even years trying to improve engagement, conversions & sales. No matter what type of traffic you are driving whether SEO, PPC or affiliate, lower conversions are going to hurt.

Webmasters today have to work a lot harder & have to be a lot more creative to cut through the noise - this means wasting huge amounts of time & cash in the process.

Smart Businesses Like Ebay, Disney & HP Already Know That The Answer is... Personalization

It's the #1 Strategy They Use To Boost Engagement & Sales

Huge corporations like Ebay Disney HP & Kodak with their massive marketing budgets have been getting significantly better results through personalization.

Personalization is a way of customizing your landing pages or optins so they carry a 'more personal' message to the visitor.

This could be as simple as adding the visitor's name, how they arrived on your page, what keyword they searched for, what their interests are - in fact you can add any personal information you like

We Literally Doubled Our Conversions on
Our Google Adwords Campaign...

In this case study we created a keyword campaign in Google Adwords for a selection of researched keywords.
We firstly run all the traffic to one standard landing page & then created personalized landing pages for each the keywords using WP Conversion Boost.

As you can see from the screener, we almost doubled our conversions using the personalized landing page versions.

This is an "Insane Conversion Trick" Says Expert

Of course we can tell you how powerful personalized landing pages are till we are blue in the face - we're just selling a product, so we are bound to have a bias right?

So perhaps the best way of showing you how effective personalized landing pages are... we'll quote the words of an expert who literally lives conversions 24/7 - Jeremy Smith of calls this method is simply "insane".

Even Obama & Problogger Use This Exact Strategy

So who really uses personalized pages? It may surprise you that personalization is not new, virtually every big organization & every respectable marketing agency in the world implements personalization nowadays.`

Problogger - a huge respected blogging site, have been using it for years as a method of reminding their visitors where they arrived from. It's a marketing method they recommend to their subscribers & regularly use themselves.

Even President Obama has used it in driving traffic to his optins - so yes, even presidents like to grow their lists faster too!

Top Agencies Get Up To 375%
Better Results Using This Method...

This Method is So Big That it Actually has It's Own Marketing Term

Virtually every agency worth a dime is using personalization for their clients...

The marketing term for this is PURL marketing (Personalized URL). If you Google it you'll find agencies that specialize in this type of marketing alone.

Top PURL agency EasyPURL looks after 1500 companies & has run over 200,000 campaigns achieves up to 375% better results for their clients using personalization.

Personalization is now considered as the #1 conversion strategy for many top marketing agencies & is by far one of the most effective ways to drive more engagement, better conversions & sales.

Till Now The Only Way to Do This In Wordpress Was to Duplicate & Edit Pages One By One

Which is A Sure Fire Way to Kill Time & Get Google Slapped

The only way to make personalized pages in WordPress as it stands is to duplicate & edit pages... which is not so bad on the surface.

However, duplicate pages are a sure fire way of getting a duplicate content penalty from Google for starters.

This is also a huge time killer, specially if you are running an ad campaign & want to create personalized pages for a dozen plus keywords.

So personalization done the standard way is an impractical option for 99% of webmasters regardless of the benefits it provides.

The Manual Way Of Personalizing Is So Much Work...
It's Just Not Worth The Time...

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4 Huge Advantages of WP Conversion Boost

Advantage 1 - Massively Boost Visitor Engagement

WP Conversion Boost allows you to set up attention grabbing pages pages that interrupt normal behavior patters. Visitors simply see something different & unusual & stay longer on page.

This could be as simple as grabbing the visitors attention with a group name or even where they have arrived from & telling those visitor you have an exclusive offer tor them.

Advantage 2 - Increase Conversions & Ad Revenue

By far the biggest use of personalized paged is for ad campaigns... By creating keyword relevant Landing Pages for each ad/keyword use you are much more likely to increase on page time as the page is highly relevant to the visitors search / needs.

Keyword relevant landing pages have been proven to work over & over again.

Visitors expect to see the keywords they have serched for on page & simply click the back button if these are not there.. WP Conversion Boost allows you to do this in seconds

Advantage 3 - Build Lists Faster

By adding personalization to your optins you are much more likely to get subscribers.
Familiarity & comfort are key criteria in our decision making. So by saying something like "Hey we have a special Free Gift for all our Facebook visitors today" or even use a specific Facebook Group or an ad - you are much more likely to get a positive reaction and a subscribe

WP Conversion Boost makes it super easy for you to build that familiarity.

Advantage 4 - Increase Visitor Spend

By using personalized landing pages for your subscribers you can draw attention to the products they have bought + use their name & make a bespoke landing pages that mentioning these.
Subscribers are much more likely to react when they are reminded that they bought a product from you before. You can remind them about this in your landing page.

Personalized pages are simple to create with any autoresponder of your choice using the "tagging" function. This is covered in our training.

WP Conversion Boost allows you to make these pages in an instant.

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