Drive Even More Conversions & Sales With These 3 Huge Upgrades

Geo Targeting - The Super Powerful Attention Getting Tool Used By Huge Corporations

Virtually Every Big Company Uses Geo Targeting to Attract Visitor Attention

Geo Location Is Perfect for Adding To Your Optins

... & Ideal For Your Site Ads & Exit Offers

"By Geo Targeting, The Visitor Feels Comfortable and Familiar With The Content Displayed" - Kissmetrics

But, Unless You Have a Corporate Budget, Using Geo Targeting Is Very Expensive

Upgrade 1 - Get More Attention With Geo Location

Boost Conversions & Engagement With 7 Geo Location Tools

Geolocation tools are amongst the most widely used conversion boosters on the planet. Almost every big business has incorporated it into their marketing. It's of course very effective for boosting engagement & conversions.

With the pro version of the product we've given you not one but 7 Geo shortcodes to allow you to target visitors by: Country, Country Code, Region, Region Code, City, ZIP Code & Time Zone

You can add these codes anywhere in the WordPress Editor, Your Page Builders, & your Optins.

Upgrade 2 - Personalize Entire Funnels With Cookies

Boost Conversions On Pages A Visitor Hasn't Clicked Yet...

With WP Conversion Boost Pro 'Cookie Mode' enabled, as soon as a visitor clicks any personalized link, that perzsonalized data will be remembered.

Whenever that visitor loads any other page, or returns to your site, they'll see the same personalization, regardless of whether they came through a personalized link or not...

This dramamatically increases conversions for sales funnels, ecom sites & optins.

This means your marketing message is always consistent even if the visitor habits are not.

Upgrade 3 - Powerful Browser Detection

Show User's Browser & Get Attention (Great for Software & Training Offers)

Displaying the Visitors Browser doesn't sound that exciting from the outset however, there are many reasons where this is effective including selling software & training services...

For Example - "Latest Update of X Software Works Flawlessly in [Browser]" or "New Interactive Course specially made for faster viewing in [Browser}"

There are many applications where a browser hook can be used to engage visitors. Browser tagging is definitely the new kid on the block.

Bonus Upgrade 4 - Full Developers Rights

Sell Pro Conversion Boosting Services To Clients

To make this product a total no-brainer we have included developer rights too.

This means you can sell any of the conversion tools you have both in the standard & the pro version to your clients.

Make just one sale & the product will more than pay for itself. Don't forget you have 3 powerful conversion tools in this version - so you are 3 times more likely to sell the benefits to others. Making this a super easy money making tool.

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